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MyOilPatch’s Business

MyOilPatch is an independent distributor of many oil and gas pipeline field products: coatings, composite wraps, pig signaller, pumpkin sleeve epoxies, silt fence, steel sleeves - half sole, full wrap, type B. We have hot shot companies on standby to quickly deliver products to your job site every day of the year. Additionally, we have repair technicians to OQ train and certify your field labor, on short notice, to install products at your job site.

Repair Quotes

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Product Overview, Datasheets & SDS

STOP IT® Pipe Repair System

The STOP IT® Pipe Repair System is a fast curing, in-field composite pipe repair system, ideal for repairing leaks, reinforcing joints, rebuilding wall strength and corrosion proofing – in virtually any situation, even underwater! Recommended for pressures up to 400 PSI (28 kg/cm2). Results may vary depending on hole size, type of pipe, pipe diameter, contents of pipe and method of application.
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Aquawrap® is widely used by many major oil & gas pipeline companies to reinforce many different pipeline defects. We have several people who take phone calls 24/7 to run a repair calculation that is emailed to you within minutes. Aquawrap® rolls come already mixed with resin and typically setup within 30-60 minutes, which allow dig crews to back fill over it quickly. Aquawrap® is ideal for low and high pressure gathering, transmission, and distribution pipelines of diameters 1"-60", many odd shapes, and fittings (tees, elbows, weld-o-lets,etc). Aquawrap®roll sizes are very versatile, as they are not size specific and can be applied around many different diameters.
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PowerSleeve® is a high pressure plant and refinery pipe repair composite system for both external and internal corrosion wall loss. Suitable for pipes with leaks or that will develop leaks. Wet layup, two-part epoxy resin is field-pregged into fiberglass cloth. Ideal for high heat applications, harsh chemical environments, and underwater installations.

Pig Signaller

A pig signaller for flange, boss or hot tap boss applications. Intrusive Omni Directional Pig signallers are used to provide confirmation of the movement of pipeline pigs through a pipeline. They are normally positioned at both the pig launching and pig receiving stations and at key points along a pipeline. Many operators choose the Pipeline Engineering OMNI-Sig Intrusive Signaller as their preferred product, due to its simple design and interchangeability of parts due to the modular configuration. The OMNI-Sig range of pig signallers includes: • OMNISig Boss Mounted Intrusive Signaller • OMNISig Flange Mounted Intrusive Signaller • OMNISig Valve Mounted Intrusive Signaller

Pumpkin Sleeve Epoxy

100% solid non-permeable epoxy insures against corrosive environment within the annulus between OD of pipe and ID of pumpkin sleeve.
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Silt Fence Product Overview

Silt fences, both pre-assembled and custom designed, from contractor grade to DOT-Compliant to meet your specifications and/or govt. regulations.
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