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New Vendors

Are you looking for a company like MyOilPatch to distribute your products to the energy production, gathering, transmission, distribution, plant/refinery or piling support industries?

General Guidelines For Vendors Doing Business with MyOilPatch:

  • Vendor’s products must come with the following paperwork: Warranty, liability, 3rd–party engineering testing as requested, technical data sheets, MSDS and installation instructions.
  • Vendors must provide their product’s distribution and MSRP price rates.
  • MyOilPatch will not tolerate vendors who spend their time trying to learn who MyOilPatch’s clients are so they can sell to them direct.
  • Vendor’s quotes must be supplied in a written document or by email. Verbal orders and text messaging are not acceptable for business transactions.
  • Vendor’s quotes to MyOilPatch must include same day shipping charges that cannot be adjusted to a higher amount thereafter.
  • Vendors that host logos on their website regarding existing client support will not be recognized/accepted by MyOilPatch, nor promoted to our clients, unless vendor shows proof of written permission from their existing client.
  • MyOilPatch relationship with vendors is and always has been as follows:
    Company and Representative are not joint ventures, partners or agents of each other, neither shall have the power to bind the other or make any promises or representation on behalf of the other to third parties.
  • MyOilPatch is not in the business of brand marketing your company name and will only promote your product’s official name through MyOilPatch’s name.
  • MyOilPatch invoices their clients and vendors will not.

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